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聖 闘士 星矢 スロット なぜ 高い


In Belgium the Student-life ministry has been established and outreach activities have begun on the university campus in Leuven. LeaderImpact offers an opportunity for professionals with a heart to make an impact through their life and work. Partnerships with local churches are underway through various bible study activities and media strategies.


14 Agiou Evmeniou
Strovolos 2037

Agape Cyprus is a small team of followers of Christ who seek to bless their nation using various materials and strategies, always sharing the message of God’s love.

The work in Cyprus was launched in 2000, growing out of the Agape movement in Greece. Materials from FamilyLife opened doors and opportunities to help strengthen marriages and families on the island. Over time, Agape Cyprus has expanded their efforts to include media ministry with nation-wide Jesus Film distribution campaigns to residents as well as tourists, who take the film home to places around the globe. Helping coordinate youth and children’s events makes it possible to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with the younger generation.

The work in Cyprus is focused on partnering with local churches, teaching and encouraging people in small groups and counseling. The involvement of volunteers is essential on Cyprus, making this a truly local movement.


K. E. von Baeri 1-M7
Tartu, 51005

Agape Estonia (Eesti) is a team of young, innovative messengers of God with hearts to serve others. They work with university students and youth, use fine arts, the JESUS film and Josh McDowell’s books to share the Good News of hope and restoration. Agape Eesti team serves local leaders and influencers and reaches out to the nation via a special internet site and a portal called “The Well” – Kaev. Agape Eesti was established in 1998, even though the presence of Campus Crusade for Christ workers dates back to 1987. Its organisational foundations lie in the Christian values and are expressed by caring for people and holding them in high esteem. Agape Eesti seeks to partner closely with local Christian organisations and churches, to give a testimony of unity among Jesus’ followers and use the God-given resources wisely.


B.P. 29
77831 Ozoir-la-Ferriere

+33 (0) 1 60 02 55 56

[email protected]

Agapé France lives and shares the message of hope in a multi-cultural environment. University students are invited to think about existential questions in a non-threatening atmosphere through culturally relevant events and interactions. Athletes are introduced to the greater goal of faith in God. Agapé France invests in the foundational unit of society, couples and families, with multiple programs. The team uses fine arts and the internet to provide answers to life questions and distributes the JESUS film and other media to spread the message. They also serve and support immigrants living in France. Cooperation with local churches helps equip followers of Christ for personal outreach.

France welcomed workers from Campus Crusade for Christ, our US parent organisation, in the 1970s on the University of Orléans campus. The first staff members officially launched the movement in 1973, taking the name Agapé France in 2000. Their vision is to make God’s love known to the maximum number of people and help every Christian to be an authentic testimony of God’s love.


Karaiskaki 22
54641 Thessaloniki

+30 (2) 31 0 887 087

[email protected]

Agape Greece was established in 1977, and today they have a wide range of activities taking place throughout the country. From university outreach in main cities to faith-based humanitarian outreach among distinctive groups, investing in marriages and families, Agape Greece seeks to be a relevant witness of Christ’s message of love and hope in the world.

They partner and serve with Christians of all denominations, adapting their strategies and methods to the Greek culture and ethos. They leverage outreach opportunities and share an evangelistic message to others through resources like the JESUS and Magdalena films, FamilyLife seminars and materials, and basic discipleship courses for people seeking to better understand the Christian faith.


5 Clarinda park North
Dun Laoghaire
Co. Dublin

Agape Ireland’s team is small in number but makes a significant impact among university students and youth. Presenting a clear and culturally relevant message of Jesus coupled with an authentic, winsome faith get people’s attention. They also reach out to executives and leaders, often using tools like the JESUS film in Gaelic.

Agape Ireland was first established in September 1973. During the 1990s, the work diversified and was handed over to volunteers, who produced the JESUS film version in Gaelic and continued distributing the film in various languages. In 2007, a new team was sent to Ireland to renew the broader vision. Since that time, the work among university students and youth has grown significantly.

Agape Ireland’s vision is to help to build spiritual movements everywhere so that everyone may know someone who truly follows Jesus.


Via Cavour 104
50129 Firenze

Personal experience of God’s unconditional agape love in their own lives motivates members of the Agape Italy’s team to share the message with others. Agape Italia wants to see change in their country. To achieve this, they work with current leaders and influencers as well as with students, the leaders of the future. An intentional investment in families aims to strengthen the core unit of society. Special interest group outreaches focus on athletes or musicians. Their activities are focused in urban areas, the centres of influence and population. Their online presence, films and multimedia programmes use technology to share hope. Practical needs are met through local and international humanitarian projects. Agape Italia is aware that they can do more in partnership than alone, therefore, they seek to work together with other Christians in their country.

Campus Crusade for Christ began working in Italy in 1971 under the name “Studenti Italiani per Cristo”, since 1990 they have used Agape Italia. Agape Italia promotes authenticity-emotionally, relationally and spiritually- among its staff members and the people they serve. The team works to change the world one heart at a time as they help build relational communities to experience and share God’s love.


Kr.Barona 108/2-16
Riga LV 1001

Agape began in Latvia in 1994 with a small team of pioneers. Today they have activities in many areas including outreach to university students, professional musicians, athletes and executives. Using a variety of media tools including popular Christian books translated into Latvian, DVDs and multiple websites.

Agape Latvia engages with their countrymen to provide answers to life’s questions in a relevant way. Building personal relationships is one of their strengths, and the desire to be relevant and attractive examples of faith is their motivation.

They have strong partnerships with like-minded Christians and have been able to expand their influence by joining hands with the Agape teams in the other Baltic countries.


S. Žukausko g. 39
Vilnius LT 09130

+370 (5) 263 93 01

[email protected]

In Lithuania, Agape shares the Christian message of hope with university students – the future leaders of our country. Using modern tools like social media and informative websites, staff members engage young adults and introduce them to the life-changing truth of Jesus Christ. Personal relationships, small groups on campus and national conferences reinforce the message and allow young people to grow in faith. Staff members also spread the message of Christ through tools like the JESUS film for adults and children, The Sport New Testament, and Josh McDowell’s books.

Campus Crusade for Christ has been active in Lithuania since 1990, beginning with the distribution of the JESUS film. Agape Lithuania began working among university students in Vilnius in 1991. Over the years, different areas of service have been developed that have had an impact on the country.

Today Agape’s vision is to help build spiritual movements on every campus in the country, movements that bring spiritual renewal to the Lithuanian nation.

神奈川 パチンコ 閉店

167 Newhall St.
Birminghan B3 1SW
United Kingdom

+44 (0) 121 765 44 04

[email protected]

Members of Agape United Kingdom want to live radical lives of service and influence, following Jesus’ model. They passionately invest into the lives of students to connect them to God, create healthy and lasting relationships, serve the university and thus help to change the world through students’ positive impact on their communities locally and globally.

The Agapé team supports families and marriage with weekend gatherings, special training days and printed material that shares the timeless principles for healthy relationships.

The Agapé Work Life helps businesspeople practice creativity, forgiveness, spiritual discipline, focus and integrity. They also help students transfer their sense of mission from campus to the workplace.

Agapé’s team shares the love of Jesus among multi-ethnic peoples by helping meet their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. They also work bless people outside the UK. They use the JESUS film in cooperation with local churches to visually share the joyful message of Christ.

In 1967, Bill Bright (founder of of Campus Crusade for Christ (Agapé), sent a team of fifty-five men and women to the UK to help build spiritual movements on university campuses. Soon, working in partnership with others who shared the vision, groups were flourishing at five universities across the country. By the early 1970s, thousands had been trained to share their faith. Today, Agapé continues with the same vision. Though the university remains a central focus, Agapé now works with people of influence in most areas of life and has sent British staff to help build spiritual movements on every continent.


Postbus 1829
Puntenburgerlaan 91b
3800 Amersfoort BV

+31 (0) 343 415 741

[email protected]

Agape Netherlands is an innovative team that shares their lives and God’s love with many different groups of people. They are committed to coaching young people and building communities to help people find meaning in life through faith in Jesus Christ.

Their efforts to reach people interested in sports offer both churches and youth opportunities for renewal by building relationships and helping local Christians have a more relevant and direct positive impact on their communities. Their teams invest in families and couples through various activities and resources, and a dedicated group cares for women in need.

New media are used to answer questions about faith effectively and in a friendly way. They continue to find creative ways how to engage contemporary medium in sharing the Good News. Agape Netherlands also uses the JESUS film and related tools.

Agapè Netherlands started in 1969 in a time of change for the Dutch Christian church. It was a time where the secularisation grew fast. Jan and Nellie Kits were called to start a ministry using methods unlike all others known by the Dutch church at that time – personal testimonies, simple sharing of the gospel and emphasising the ministry of the Holy Spirit. And though the variety of ministries have multiplied over the years, this personal ministry is still key in the Netherlands.


Rua gonçalo Mendes da Maia
4425-656 Maia

Agape Portugal’s staff lives and works according to the example of Jesus,following the motto “live to serve, not just to be served”. They actively serve university students, so that every student knows somebody who follows Jesus.

A focus on helping the needy offers young people opportunities to meet the practical needs of others in their communities while acting as positive role-models.

The Agape Portugal team recognize the importance of families as the main place for growth and development oving relationships. However, today many families are under enormous pressure in the unstable Portuguese financial climate. The FamilyLife movement provides opportunities to learn new relationship skills and receive support in times of uncertainty. Online tools like Peace with Jesus and The4Points provide answers to life’s questions.

Agape Portugal was established as a Christian association in 1975. Over the years, different ministries have been developed and added to the ministry to work with people from various walks of life.


Plaza José María Orense 7, bajo 2
46022 Valencia

+34 (93) 424 30 31

[email protected]

A great goal requires a great team, and that’s what Agape Spain staff members work to be. They organise creative events to engage with young people and university students through the arts, sports, movies, urban culture and special weekend getaways. Agape promotes Christian family values to young couples and families through weekends and small-group materials. Meeting real needs of the people around them is their primary goal: whether offering cultural integration and language courses for immigrants, supporting families of hospitalized children, engaging in philosophical debates on campus or offering peer groups for business executives to equip them to face the challenges of life in the business world.

They also work in and through the world of sports. Their original animated film and novel File Zero, the JESUS film, a biographical movie about Mary Magdalene and websites are designed to answer questions, engage the spiritually curious and help to spread Christ’s message of hope to the world.

The Spanish team also runs a hostel for pilgrims walking the St. James Way. Called Fuente del Peregrino (Pilgrim’s Fountain) is also the site of European staff training courses in service and personal outreach.

Agape Spain was launched in 1969. Today, the team continues to forge partnerships with like-minded believers and go out to share the hope of Jesus.


Varpholmsgränd 50
12746 Skärholmen

Agape Sweden seeks to build spiritual movements everywhere so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus. They actively work among families, university students, business and professionals. They also help local churches. Agape Sweden’s current priorities include students, financial stewardship, the JESUS film and internet outreach.

Students/Campus (Uppsala University): The Agape student team focuses on worldview dialogue, sharing a Christ-centered worldview, discipling believers, and empowering them to engage their student community with the Gospel. In September 2013 they expanded to Lund University.

Financial Stewardship: In partnership with local churches, Agape teaches biblical financial principles and practical methods for financial management.

The JESUS film ministry includes Christmas and Easter outreaches, as well as broad distribution of the JESUS film for children.

Internet outreach: Maintaining a gospel website and following up people to help them grow in their faith and connect to a local church. Agape Sweden was formed in 1975 with the goal of promoting Christian values and sharing the message of Jesus in Sweden. Today, that vision continues as the team fervently shares the message of Jesus, to train and equip leaders and work in partnership with churches and other like-minded organisations for the glory of God.

ベラ ジョン カジノ スロット

Campus Crusade for Christ International is also active throughout Eastern Europe. Click here to learn more.

ベラ ジョン カジノ スロット

Campus für Christus
Gerhard Bronner-Straße 1 / 1A
A-1100 Wien

The Agape movement in Austria, called Campus für Christus Österreich, is a non-denominational mission and training movement. Focus Areas include youth, university students and athletes. They care for people and help those in need through GAiN (Global Aid Network).

The ministry has been present in Austria since 1979, when a group of people started to work with university students in Innsbruck. Agape Österreich was officially launched in the year 1989, and has grown in capacity as well as areas of service.

We help to implement the mission of Jesus Christ in a holistic and socially relevant way in our time. The team serves churches and communities in living and passing on evangelism and discipleship.

武蔵 新城 ピーアーク

Campus für Christus
Am Unteren Rain 2
35394 Gießen

+49 (0) 641 975 180

[email protected]

Agape Germany (Campus für Christus Deutschland) is one of the largest national teams in 武蔵 新城 ピーアーク, and they are passionate about sharing their Christian faith. They offer the message of hope to university students, professors, athletes and musicians. They invest in families and support executives to live their faith in the business world.

Media tools like the JESUS film, a movie about the life of Mary Magdalene, and severalinternet sites for people who want to know more about the Christian faith are some of their digital resources.

Campus für Christus Deutschland also has an impact beyond its borders through its humanitarian aid partner GAiN and by offering short and long-term service opportunities around the world. They encourage Christians to express their faith in authentic and relevant ways to those around them, for example by promoting prayer.

Campus für Christus Deutschland was established in 1967 with a vision to share Christ’s message of love and hope with the world according to the Great Commission of Christ in the Bible.

全国 パチンコ ランキング

Josefstrasse 206
CH-8005 Zürich

+41 (0) 44 274 84 84

[email protected]

The Agape movement in Switzerland, called Campus für Christus Schweiz, wants to see spiritual movements growing throughout the country. Guided by the motto, «God’s Love in Action», they have been involved in ministry activities for over 40 years by sending people, know-how and other resources across Switzerland and beyond its borders. Campus für Christus staff members want people to experience God’s love in all areas of their lives, both at home and abroad. Campus für Christus Schweiz has some twenty-five ministry areas focusing on youth, athletes, university students, families, internet outreach, evangelistic training, practical service and foreign missions. Their goal is to help fulfill Christ’s Great Commission in our time through socially relevant strategies that approach people with respect and recognize their needs. Campus für Christus serves Christians in a variety of churches and faith-based community settings to learn and practice personal evangelism and discipleship. Training and hands-on involvement opportunities help people grow in faith and allow them to personally experience the love and power of the Holy Spirit as they share the Good News of Jesus Christ in word and deed.


Our first pioneer team has recently moved to Copenhagen and is beginning outreach activities.

武蔵 新城 ピーアーク

Office: Office: Vivamontie 2
08200 Lohja – Finland
Mailing address: P.O.Box 48
08101 Lohja - Finland

+358 (0)207 681 610 (workdays from 8am to 4 pm)

[email protected]

Kansan Raamattuseura, known in English as Logos Ministries, has been an 武蔵 新城 ピーアーク partner ministry since 1967. Logos Ministries is a national organisation working mainly within the Lutheran church but also with other denominations. They describe the work with the motto, “Living by grace, proclaiming Jesus”. They cooperate with Agape in university student ministry, training and youth work and the JESUS film. They invest in families and marriage and activly minister to senior citizens. It is also known for the Vivamo Bible Village theatre that performs Bible stories and reaches thousands of people of all ages annually.

Logos Ministries was established in 1945. Cooperation with Campus Crusade for Christ (US), 武蔵 新城 ピーアーク’s parent organization, began when Finnish evangelist Kalevi Lehtinen met Bill Bright in 1966. A formal agreement of partnership was signed in 1967, and several Finnish people serve through 武蔵 新城 ピーアーク.


There is currently no permanent Agape ministry presence in Malta; however, initial outreach activities are taking place through a partnership with Agape Greece.


In Norway Agape’s friends work to reach their nation through internet and media strategies. There is currently no established local Agape ministry in Norway.

武蔵 新城 ピーアーク